Thursday, September 18, 2014

this is what happened when my Small Teacup Teddy Bear (Small Teacup Poodle) got her first gift...

small teacup poodle 02_副本small teacup poodle gif

where to find Teacup Teddy Bears (Teacup Poodles)

the cutest of the cuteness!!
first time is always the best time!!!

Small Teacup Teddy Bear
(Small Teacup Poodle)
receives her first toy from
Teddy Bear Mommy
*excitement mode on*

hey you!! don't you run away from me!
shaking butt to the left,
and again to the right
rubbing my sharp teeth
against the stuffed guy,
standing tall & looking up high,
i am the queen of the world
and you can't deny!

*hands on waist and HA! HA! HA!*

the last thing us Teacup Teddy Bears
do every night before going

is ask for some loving kisses and huggies
and her little helpers. 

just sitting there watching
Teacup Teddy Bears
having a good time of their lives...
:) comes up to our faces just like that

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