Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some feedback from Hong Kong ★toy poodle teacup poodle pocket tea cup poodle red poodle silver poodle gray poodle black poodle cream poodle apricot poodle brown poodle teddy bear poodle adorable puppy★

Here are some of our recent feedback from all around the world. Hm..actually they are all from Hong Kong!! We do have a lot of Hong Kongese customers lately.

-------------------------------------             Puppy Tansy        ------------------------------------------


I've seen so many dogs parents writing you feedback from HK. Do they know each other?
If so, I really would like to join the community!
I am very impressed with your after sale service.


We do have a lot of customers from HK. And they did somehow recommend their friends to
buy poodle puppies from us. At the mean time, we open a page for our HK customers that you
can join them.
You can always post Tansy's photos onto the group page. ^^

Teddy Mommy thinks Tansy has become very cute now. Thanks for your support and your love
towards Tansy. Tansy is really lucky to find you>u<

------------------------------    Gum Gum & Mommy Allison   ---------------------------------
To Teddy Mommy

Gum Gum (#498) reached one year old yesterday!
He is our little baby, he is super cute everyone loves him!
We ordered him a little bday cake.

Here are some pics we took during the year. Hope you will feel our happiness.
Teddy Mommy feels so grateful that Gum Gum can live so happily in HK!!
Thank you guys love Gum Gum so much
and thanks for your update
Allison and Gum Gum, promise to live happily ever after:D

------------------------------------    Puppy Yumi    -------------------------------------

Little cutie Yumi is six months old!
She is going through an hair embarssing period of time
meaning her hair isn't as pretty as it should be.

However, Yumi still looks very cute as always >u<
We belive that she will be a pretty lady once the time pass!!!!

We heard that Yumi and Donut have met
We are so happy for you two little ladies , you both are living in HK that you can have some play days together. 

  Be happy with your mummys and live happily ever after