Thursday, September 25, 2014

Our sweet heart, Passion (Super Tiny Teacup - Small Teacup Teddy Bear / Poodle) Meeting Brother Meeky in Hong Kong (Sep 26, 2014)

whoa~~ look at this fine lunch date!

how do you keep your figure all fit and perfect?

i've gotta learn my beauty lessons from Mommy...

and so you asked why is there

a flower on my Mommy's face?

well as i have told you before,

she prefers to keep it a low profile, away from

any attention on her beauty as much as possible ^^


three months ago, Mommy arrived at

YouLong Poodle Breeding Center

on her own in a quiet weekend afternoon...

to pay Teddy Bear Mommy a very special visit.

although it's not me Mommy's holding in her arms,

but think i will take her dress as an idea

for my future wedding gown? 

also on the same day, Mommy decided to reserve

me (Passion) and Meeky (my brother) for us to

be flying to Hong Kong to be her babies

as soon as possible.

well, you've met Meeky just not long ago,

i'll say how 'bout let's focus on ME this time >.^

as soon as Mommy saw me

in my princess dress,

her heart melted right away

(plus screams of excitement)


a super tiny teacup teddy like my self,

so little and petite, Mommy could

lift me up in one palm so easily.

ahhh got so exhausted after a

whole afternoon's playtime with Mommy.

had a super good dream with Mommy in it that night,

so glad that i've finally found a home where i belong.

thank you so much, Teddy Bear Mommy!!

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