Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Announcement: Prince Pocket Teacup Teddy Bear Searches For A Beautiful Princess To Be His Future Queen


dim the chandelier a little,

be ready to roll out the red carpet

and tell the flower girls to be prepared...

mic testing 123, testing 123

may i have your attention please??

what a beautiful day in our

Teddy Bear Forest Kingdom!

i'm so honoured to be assigned

the master speaker of this special event

on behalf of our TWO most well-respected

Royal Teddy Bear Family members,

Teddy Bear Mommy and

Prince Pocket Teacup Teddy Bear.

under this clear blue sky,

ladies and gentlemen

please raise your glasses,

and let's toast to the beginning

of the search journey of our

Future Teddy Bear Queen.

but first of all let's welcome our Prince Charming

to give us a few precious words of his.

big applause for our Future King...

Prince Pocket Teacup Teddy Bear


g'day, ladies and gentlemen,

first of all i'd like to thank you all for

attending this special day of my life.

*bows with elegance*

*prince fans screams*

all the love and trust that you have been giving me,

as the Prince of the Teddy Bear Forest

is deeply and sincerely appreciated,

and i can see from your happy faces and smiley eyes

that life has been going smoothly in our Kingdom

under the guidance of my Great Mother,

Teddy Bear Mommy

and today, i will be announcing one woman

to be my princess, your future Queen.

the one who will assist me and create a new era

for our Teddy Bear Forest Kingdom...


 Teacup Teddy Bear Princess Nominees

in soft romantic APRICOT and hot passionate RED.

nicely dressed in Victorian lacey bridal gowns,

over and over, they evaluate every detail

on their flawless faces at a mirror,

and finally decorate a lovely bow

on the curls of their soft cotton hair...

will their warmest smiles and a pure soul

conquer the heart of our Pocket Teddy Bear Prince?


Teacup Teddy Bear Princess Nominees

in smart black and gorgeous ash-grey.

carefully selected the most unique, colourful gown,

to give a much advanced contrast on the colour

of their magnificent dark hair.

faith and confidence shine through their eyes,

perfect combination of

beauty and a witty personality -

brings the light of hope and peace, for it

to shine above the mainland of the

Teddy Bear Forest Kingdom.

highly respected by his fellow Teddy Bears,

Prince Pocket Teacup Teddy Bear has granted

the authority of determination to his people...

*whispering sounds from the crowd*

yes! our Teacup Teddy Bear Princess,

the future Queen of our

Teddy Bear Forest Kingdom,

will be of the choice of our own people:

romantic and elegant?


intelligent and stylish?

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