Thursday, September 25, 2014

Daddy Josh Welcomes His Dream Teddy Bear, Small Toy Poodle, In Hong Kong (Oct 03, 2014)

hello my little fans and friends,

how was your day today?
did the photo of my Daddy

get you fall in love with him too??


and so my love story with Daddy Josh went like this:

it took a while for Josh to decide his dream puppy,
he wanted a baby girl initially but it

didn't take him long before he decided that

boys are the best (especially me, of course!)

the moment he saw my photos that

Teddy Bear Mommy suggested to him,
he immediately fell for my cuteness and

made a quick reservation on my availability.

and when i was told by Teddy Bear Mommy

that this handsome man had chosen me

to be his future son, somewhere deep down

in my heart i felt completed at last...

so there it was, 
my thirst for a home where

i really belong finally fulfilled...

life's all about traveling

and meeting new friends!!
i wonder if Daddy will lemme

join his next roadtrip...?
*fingers crossed*

this is Chicko, the poodle of

one of Daddy's good friend,
and he will be there to show me

around and teach me the house rules

for the first 10 days after my arrival in Hong Kong!

i'm sure we will become best friends in no time 

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