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Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) Common Diseases in Elder Dogs 15: Final Journey

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Life and Death Guidelines about
Teacup Poodles  (aka Teddy Bears).

everyone is welcome to share with us your unique
life experiences in owning  a Teacup Poodle.

every life is precious and ought to be respected equally despite species.
when a Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) is reaching the end of his or her life,
the least the owner can do is to save them the last dignity for them to
continue the life journey in another world with no more pain or suffering.

Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) Common Diseases in
Elder Dogs 15: Final Journey

assuming an old Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) who's reaching the end
of his or her life and has been suffering from heart diseases or fluid stuck
in their lungs, it is still possible for owners to do things to help them ease
the pain by seeking medical help and treating them with prescribed drugs.

however if the conditions are getting too difficult to be treated through any
possible method, perhaps it would be best for them to pass away peacefully
in a humane way, but of course it all depends on the actual conditions of the
Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) and whether or not it is necessary to use
chemicals to put the suffering patient out of the misery.

if the Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) is experiencing difficulty in walking,
standing, turning or other physical movements and that he or she
is only able to stay in the same position for a very long time during the day,
the owner should remember to help them change positions at least
once every two hours to prevent  bed marks develop into
terrible pimples and acne all over their body.

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