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How to look after the dog mommy ★toy poodle teacup poodle pocket tea cup poodle red poodle silver poodle gray poodle black poodle cream poodle apricot poodle brown poodle teddy bear poodle adorable puppy★

How to look after the dog mommy (teacup poodles toy poodles or any other breeds) after giving birth? - Chinese Herbal Style

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Chinese Herbal Style

Teddy mom really put a lot of efforts on all the poodle mums.
Therefore, teddy mum always prepare for great ingredients and cook for great meals for them to go through a tough few moths after giving births to our little poodles.  We are now going to share with you our secret recipe. 

Goat meat 500 g / beef + chicken breast 500g each

Please note, do use chicken breast as the ingredient, as chicken breast has no bone inside this can prevent poodle mom eats too hurry because of the tasty food. 

Chinese Herbals
Astragalus membranaceudried wolfberryJujube 15g each
Danggui 18 g
Szechuan Lovage Rhizome 3g
American ginseng roots 3g
No spice needed

1. Chop the meat into small pieces and boil them. Cool the pieces of meat by rinse them with cold water. 
2. Firstly clean up your pot. Secondly, put the cooked meat into the pot, meanwhile, pour 5 glasses of water into the pot with all the prepared ingredients. 

3. put the food into a rice cooker and your job is done.
If you cook by Chinese traditional electric cooker, you can pour 4 glasses of water into the outer pot.


How to feed?
After you take out from the rice cooker,  and now you can serve it to your poodle mom without
Chinese herbal ingredients.

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