Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Little Diora update from Singapore ★toy poodle teacup poodle pocket tea cup poodle red poodle silver poodle gray poodle black poodle cream poodle apricot poodle brown poodle teddy bear poodle adorable puppy★

Hey everyone,

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We are here today to share a lovely update from Singapore.It's our little girl Diora! (Well technically she is not ours she is belong to beautiful Ellin!)
Here is what Ellin told us about Diora plus some pics update.

Hello Teddy Mummy,

Little Diora girl from Singapore is here again! Do you still remember her? 
She is now one year old already, and still as playful as ever! Smile with tongue
A naughty yet pretty little girl is such a sweetie pie. Open-mouth smile She always like to "shout" at her brothers, like she is the leader of the group despite of her size. 
Among all my dogs, she is the most naughty one and keep wanting us to pay attention on her. Hahaha! Really like a princess in our house. Princess
I have attached some photos taken recently! Hope you will find her pretty too! Smile with tongue


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