Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pocket Teacup Teddy Bear (Poodle)

Pocket Teacup Teddy Bear (Poodle)
it's the big day of our lovely bride,
Teddy Bear Mommy treats every Teddy Bear
as her own very unique son and daughter,
and personally finds them the perfect family to go to:
a caring, loving and happy home.
Pocket Teacup Teddy Bears (Poodles) 
are not only your best soul-healing solutions, 
but also a life-long loyal friend that you can count on!

Witness the journey in pursuit of love of our
Teacup Teddy Bears and their new homes.

Record of all the marvellous remarkable life moments of
YouLong's beautiful Teacup Teddy Bears
(bred singlehandedly here at YouLong Poodle Breeding Center)
shared by their new families from all around the world.
YouLong Teddy Bear (Poodle) Family
Purchase regulations & puppy health guarantee

Get in touch with Teddy Bear Mommy
(YouLong Poodle Breeding Center Hotline)

  Store Tel: +886-6-2292569

  Cell1:+886-975785398  Cell2:+886-963110478
    Email 1: a5299.a3344@msa.hinet.net (main)
Email 2: teddy5299@hotmail.com Email 3: teddy5299@gmail.com
 Whatsapp1: +886-975785398   Whatsapp2:+886-963110478

Line ID1 : teddymommy Line ID2 : teddy52999

 WeChat1 : teddy52999  WeChat2 : Teddymummy5299 

 QQ: 603042543  Skype (MSN): teddy52999

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