Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Origin of Teacup Teddy Bears – Taiwan

The Origin of Teacup Teddy Bears – Taiwan

There’s this very special lady in Taiwan 
who we respectfully called Teddy Bear Mommy,

(Yin-Yin Chang), fell deeply in love with 
“Teddy Bears” since she was still a little girl

that she began her journey in the search of 
her dream Teddy Bears at a very early age.

Through a friend’s introduction, Teddy Bear
Mommy was invited to her first dog talent

contest, and all of a sudden her attention 
was drawn from the stage onto a bear-like

creature that was held in the arms of a total 
stranger; she later found out the name of

this beautiful yet rare canine breed to be 
"Teacup Poodles". Teddy Bear Mommy saw the

beauty and magic in Teacup Poodles: 
their soft, fluffy hair, big round bright eyes and

their adorable tiny bear paws have got
her fallen madly in love with them ever since.

She saw these Teacup Poodles in forms 
of the transformation of Teddy Bears, the one

and only love of her life since she was young,
and from that moment, she knew she’s

finally found the Teddy Bear of her dream
after so long, and better: They are ALIVE!

These aren’t just ordinary Teddy Bears,
they are living animals with souls, thoughts

and feelings; not only that they come in 
different sizes and colours, they are also

able to move, run, cry and laugh, and of as 
spiritual and extremely bright creatures

they are, and if not being looked after carefully 
enough, these little Teacup Teddy

Bears too would get sick occasionally
 just like human babies.

Witness the journey in pursuit of love of our
Teacup Teddy Bears and their new homes.

Record of all the marvellous remarkable life moments of
YouLong's beautiful Teacup Teddy Bears
(bred singlehandedly here at YouLong Poodle Breeding Center)
shared by their new families from all around the world.
YouLong Teddy Bear (Poodle) Family
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