Monday, March 2, 2015

The benefits of having toy/teacup/teddy bear poodles poodle

The benefits of having toy/teacup/teddy bear poodles poodle

A survey in Canada indicates that in 286 of 1000 living
alone elders who have dogs or cats, their health conditions
are better than the others who don’t have pets.
Because having pets would generally generate more
activities and social networking opportunities for elders.
At the meantime, elders can gain the emotional comfort from their pets.
Taking care of the pets has become their responsibility and
in return elders would have more active life.
Dr. Parminder Raina who is responsible for the survey,
and research of National Institutes of Health reports,
when a female is doing mathematic with her own pet,
her heart beat, skin reaction and blood pressure would be
lower than usually. Which shows having a dog can lower your
anxiety and even better than your best friend's accompany.
According to a research of national science council indicates,
for demented elders or autism children,
pets can better their development emotionally.

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