Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hong Kong Super Tiny Teacup Poodle Katharine ready to celebrate New Year (Feb 6, 2015)

Hello,I'm super Tiny Teacup Poodle Katharine .

Teddy  Mommy  tells me that I  will go  to HONG  KONG!

It will  be the  new  year  soon.
I  can celebrate  the  new  year  with  Daddy and  Mommy  
feeling  so  happy  and  exited

I heard Hong Kong's New Year was very lively.
Eating  New  Year's  Eve  Dinner. 

Daddy  and  Mommy  give  me  a  second.
I  will  arrive  to  Hong  Kong  soon.
Also  thanks  Teddy  Mommy  to  find  a  New  house  for  me.

ps.  My  nickname  is a-mei.

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