Sunday, November 16, 2014

Special Thanks To: Miss Tsai from Kaohsiunng, Taiwan, for visiting YouLong and choosing one Teddy Bear to go home with

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mommy phoned in Teddy Bear Mommy in a rush today
"can i come and pick up my Teddy Bear tonight?
i've been missing her like crazy!!!"
so yeh that's how mommy came about
YouLong to visit me at YouLong Breeding Center tonight.
(will Teddy Bear Mommy agree for mommy to take me home so soon...?)

well mommy guessed right!!
Teddy Bear Mommy wasn't ready to say good bye.
so she quickly grabbed her professional camera and
took lots and lots photos of me
prior to mommy's sudden arrival.
it was funny to watch how Teddy Bear Mommy running
up and down the stairs, sweating like a  dog,
trying everything she could to
record every bits of my loveliness before i leave.
haha look at how mommy saw nothing but me
during the whole time!!
nothing could distract her attention from me
and so this is what it actually looks like...

mommy had a red poodle originally before
she got lost (probably stolen)
and totally broke her heart for quite a long time...

it was not long till mommy decided to get out of the house
and search for her next dream Teddy Bear from
hoenst and turst worthy breeders in Taiwan.
(a better quality, of course - due to her good experiences in poodles)
 mommy decided to pick me up one day earlier.
(see how mommy trusts Teddy Bear Mommy's poodle quality 100%?)
dear mommy, i didn't know i could ever make anyone
so addictive to me until you came into my life...
am i your sweetest dream come true?
going SOLO~ (photo time is fun!!)
sweet girl-next-door style, yes that's me.
anyone wants my signed autograph?

mommy was already begging Teddy Bear Mommy
to let her take me home on our first meeting,
but Teddy Bear Mommy was concerned that i was
still too young at that time and that perhaps
mommy would have trouble looking after
small puppy like myself of such young age.
so they came to a mutual agreement for mommy
to welcome me to our new home at a later time.
(thanks for being so thoughtful, Teddy Bear Mommy)
(take extra good care of me this time, never let anyone steal me away!!)
it's ok for other people to give me a hug,
but only within the area where mommy can see me!!
if i ever get lost, there're going to be
two heart-broken families this time
(mommy and teddy bear mommy)
well, can't really blame mommy's good taste in Teddy Bears, right?
when i grow up a bit, i'll surely come back here
to visit Teddy Bear Mommy at Youlong, and
share my stories with other little Teddy Bears!!
 take as many photos as you like,
i'm born with the sweetest camera face in the world,
 mommy's heart is totally conquered by
my lovely personality and adorable look...
i still remember when mommy first came to Teddy Bear Mommy
how she kept saying her lost poodle was so beautiful and so on.
but after i came into her sight, mommy immediately stopped
talking about it and gave her heart to me wholly and completely
becuase i'm of a much much higher quality than
momm'ys previous Teddy Bear baby!!
(full marks on my personality, sweetness, overall quality)

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