Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mommy Alison from Hong Kong shares cute photos of her Teddy Bears

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Mommy Alison from Hong Kong shares
cute photos of her Teddy Bears

time flies like an arrow!!
it's been a week since my arrival in Hong Kong.
what pleases my parents the most is that
my Toy Teddy Bear brother GumGum 
and i (Toy Teacup Teddy Bear) get along

let the power of teddy bear cuteness explode~!!!
winking her barbie-doll-like big round eyes...
for the family to fall in love 
with this lovely lady instantly;
just poking her tiny tongue out a little, 
is enough to kill the films in everyone's camera~

when you are stuck on me...
i have parts of you in me 
and you have parts of me in you,
mixing, blending, and loving 
the lives we have together.
from now on, we are an UNIT!!

lovers love, yes there's no doubt about that.
i'd spend all day looking at you JUST LIKE THAT
only if i could pause time right here forever...
i will never get bored staring at your beautiful face,

dear Mommy and Daddy, we'd like to thank you
for providing us a home sweet home,
and loving us like your own children...
and we will forever be by yourside,
and never to leave you no matter what

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