Thursday, August 2, 2012

Donut is on the way to see Yumi! Whoop Whoop ★toy poodle teacup poodle pocket tea cup poodle red poodle silver poodle gray poodle black poodle cream poodle apricot poodle brown poodle teddy bear poodle adorable puppy★


Hello everyone, I am Little Donut. Do I look as sweet as a donut?
I wish I can be a strawberry one:)

I am tiny bit worried about my hair changing will make a bad impression towards my mum.
As during this period of time my hair will not be as curly as usual.

To understand more about poodle hair changing embarrassing period of time
click on the link
Changes in Hair Colors

Here is Yumi's story

Going to Hong Kong

7/27 (Fri) 00.50am Leaving Teddy Mom
7/27 (Fri) 06.00am Taoyuan pick up
7/27(Fri) 17.20 pm Departure
7/27(Fri)19.40pm Arrival in HK
7/27 (Fri) 22.00pm Home

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