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When is the best period of time for dog training?
★3-6 months old is the best timing to train your puppy★
educate/train the puppy earlier than 6 months old wouldn’t benefit toward neither of you!

【Chapter 1: Train to have a good manner

If you are having a dog at home, you will have to train your dog in order to keep yourself having a clean and hygienic environment.

As dogs pee very often, so training them to have a good manner is a priority.

But, if they didn’t go to the right place to poo/pee please do not punish them especially not put their face to their excretion. This act would cause them having serious issue with pooing/peeing and afraid to do it.

☆★Successful tips★☆
First of all, you will have to know when exactly do your dog poo/pee. Normally it would happen after exercises, waking up or meals. 

Sometimes, you can discover from their reaction. For example, they would start to become anxious, keep circling around or sniffing the floor. All the behaviors can be explained. The owner can always use newspaper to train your puppy to have a good clean manner. 

First of all, you can keep the puppy in a room which would be easier for you to clean up. And don’t forget to lay on some newspapers all over the floor first.
After a little while you will find out your puppy has a spot that he/she prefer to poo/pee. Then you could start to remove the rest of the newspaper from the floor.

                                     to be continuous.. 

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