Sunday, October 6, 2013

big teacup poodle#100

big teacup poodle#100 by 大熊媽媽
big teacup poodle#100, a photo by 大熊媽媽 on Flickr.

Date of Birth:2013/05/18
Size:Toy Teacup Poodle
Estimate Weight:adult:2.5kg(5.5lb)
Dog conditions:
Rare chocolate teacup poodle puppy
Cute Face with Big and Round Eyes
Adorable Personality and loves to play
Looks just like a little brown bear in the wild
Coat is turning to be bright Brown
Not too dark and not too light
A naive fairy dressed in a beautiful and luxury gown

Not too big and not too small
Great Size for a family with kids

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